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Deal Chicken Travel Deals - Indianapolis Forum

More information on bags. If you haven't already purchased a seat, we recommend you choose one at check-in. Get your preference of stretch , aisle or window. Keep your party together! Note: If you have not purchased a seat in advance, one will be randomly assigned to you. We will try to keep your party together, but the only way to ensure you will sit together is to purchase a seat assignment in advance. There are a few things you should know.


All passengers are required to have the proper documentation to leave, enter and re-enter the country. To start, simply enter your confirmation code, scan your confirmation, or swipe your credit card, ID, or passport. You will be able to quickly view your itinerary, purchase carry-on bags, upgrade your seating, check bags, and print your boarding pass.

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If you need some extra help with the check-in process, our customer service agents are always available to help you with traditional counter check-in, available in all airports. You must have your printed boarding pass in hand and have any baggage checked in by the following cutoff times:. Please be at the gate and ready to board no later than 30 minutes before departure. You're on the fast track!

Don't forget! Carry-on bag prices are more expensive at the airport.

Purchase your carry-on before hand - you'll save and skip the check-in line! You can pay to pick where you sit.

Kansas Fried Chicken

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Indianapolis Hotels and Places to Stay

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July 15-Aug. 25: Wendy's Baconfest

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The 50 Best Places To Eat Chicken Wings In The USA

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